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December 23rd - 3am
“I can’t sleep without you in my arms.”

January 15th - 9am
“Put the blade down, I love you.”

January 30th - 11pm
“Oh she’s just a friend, there’s nothing going on between us.”

February 2nd - 3pm
“You’re my entire universe and I want to kiss the stars.”

February 11th - 12am
“I blocked her number, please don’t worry sweetie.”

February 14th - 1am
“I just want to fucking wake up next to you, god dammit.”

March 28th - 5am
“I’m so afraid that the distance is getting to you.’”

March 29th - 11pm
“But she kissed me first.”

April 14th - 6pm
“He needs to back off, you’re mine.”

April 23rd - 2am
“We both knew this wasn’t going to work out, I’m sorry.”

April 23rd - 8pm
“I just want what’s best for you.”

April 24th - 7am
“Please delete my number.


my favourite and least favourite texts from you (via luna-starr)

(Source: the-psycho-cutie)